Who are we? 

We are E.S.Z.V. Boreas, the coziest student sailing association in Eindhoven. We sail, socialize, and enjoy attending events together. The association is very close-knit and diverse in character, giving Boreas a unique atmosphere!

Boreas offers plenty to do. For casual sailors, there’s the opportunity to explore the waters of Friesland on relaxed sailing weekends. For avid sailors, training weekends, races, and courses are available. Even for non-sailors, we host social gatherings every first, third, and fifth Wednesday of the month. These gatherings are varied, including activities, themes, and monthly shared meals. Of course, participation isn’t tied to how active you are; all members are welcome!

In addition to socials, activities, and sailing, Boreas also offers the opportunity to join committees. Committees provide everyone with a chance to leave their mark on the association. From maintaining boats to designing merchandise, organizing socials, or even planning entire weekends, Boreas’ committees offer it all!

Like any other association, Boreas has a board. The board is there to assist people with questions and issues and strives to remain as neutral and open as possible. Boreas’ board typically serves for a year. During this time, board members can bring their vision for the association to life and make a significant difference.

Interested? Come by for a social gathering or sign up for the introductory weekend. If you prefer to meet first, feel free to send a message to bestuur@boreaseindhoven.nl, and we hope to see you soon!

Boreas spirat nos deinceps!

E.S.Z.V Boreas

Boat house location:
Kanaaldijk-Noord 57g
5642 JA Eindhoven

Email: board@boreaseindhoven.nl
KVK: 40239147
IBAN: NL21INGB0003206656  t.n.v. ESZV Boreas
Post address: Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
5612 AW Eindhoven