Our fleet

Boreas has a number of its own boats, which are used during weekends, sailing days, and social gatherings.
Members with sufficient sailing experience can also rent the boats to take them out on the water themselves.
Check further down the page for more details.

Ad Oram Dejectum

Also known as the “J24 kajuitboot”

The J24 is Boreas’ cabin cruiser, it’s the flagship and the crown jewel of the fleet. With the J24, also known as the ad oram dejectum, no water is too deep! Unlike a valk, the J24 also defies larger bodies of water such as the IJsselmeer. In 2023 the J24 of Boreas was officially laid down in Akkrum Friesland. This beautiful yacht has finally been launched after decades of blood, sweat, and tears and is now being enjoyed to the fullest.

The J24 proudly sails in a combination of a beautiful dark blue hull, a shiny white deck with delightful Boreas green accents. The J24 is large, with a size of 7.32 meters long and 2.72 meters wide, there is enough space to take a lot of stuff, there are even 4 fixed beds! However, don’t let the size fool you, the J24 is an absolute speed demon! In addition, it also sails more like a dinghy, so maneuvers can be deployed very smoothly and quickly!

The Hoebie

The Hoebie is Boreas’ own valk. The Hoebie is the successor of the ‘Bolle’, the previous valk of Boreas. Equipped with an engine, an easy-to-lower mast, and a sturdy hull, the Hoebie is ideal for a relaxing day of sailing on the Frisian lakes!

In addition, the Hoebie is also a polyester racing valk, which makes this boat surprisingly fast. As a result, the Hoebie is absolutely not afraid of adventure!

Rent a boat?

Would you like to go sailing with friends sometime? As a member or supporter of Boreas, it’s possible to rent our boats.
Often, this is cheaper than with a commercial rental company. Inquire with the board for prices and availability.

The Flying Juniors

The FJ is a two-man dinghy, ideal for sporty sailing. Boreas sails with these awesome boats on the canal next to the boathouse, where we Boreans train to sail.

The FJ is the perfect starter boat for sailing, with its spacious, well-organized, and sturdy design. Its ability to flip over without any problems makes these FJs the ideal beginner boat!

The Optimists

Every sailor knows them, even if you’ve grown out of them, you can’t hate them. The worthy, reliable, and trusted Optimist. Famous for its almost indestructible character! These beautiful dinghies bring pride to every Borean. Boreas is proud to be in possession of 5 beautiful Optimists.

Whether you sail through a storm with the Pessimist and EnBuurman, or prefer to enjoy a beer in the sun in Valk, or sail a race on Bijltje, an Optimist is for everyone. Due to the small size, they are also very transportable!

E.S.Z.V Boreas

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