Boreas committee’s

To ensure the smooth operation of our association, we rely on several committees. Here, you’ll find details about the committees active within Boreas, their roles, and the members comprising each committee. If you have any questions or require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to any committee member.


We’ll organize fun activities all year around!

The WalCie committee organizes clubhouse activities throughout the year, adjusting them based on the sailing season. During the off-season from November to March, there’s a focus on national festive celebrations. In contrast, the sailing season features more outdoor events, making the most of the warmer weather. For example, an Optimisten race on the canal near the boathouse. If you have fun ideas or are passionate about organizing enjoyable activities, the WalCie is the place for you!

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We ‘Il keep the boats maintained

The MatCie committee ensures Boreas’ stays afloat year-round, and most of the maintenance happens during off-season. Keelboats are lifted out the water and undergo thorough maintenance to ensure seamless sailing when the season resumes. During the sailing season they are buzy with diverse tasks like maintaining Optimists, FJs, and other maintenance around the boathouse. MatCie members get together nearly every Wednesday to perform these tasks. If you’re keen on learning and contributing to boat maintenance, join us any Wednesday and stay if it piques your interest.


We ‘Il convince you to stay

The “Introcie” is the organization behind the introductory activities for Boreas. Comprised of enthusiastic and dedicated members, the Introcie plays a role in welcoming newcomers to the sailing community in and around Eindhoven, ensuring they feel included and engaged from the outset. The Introcie sets the stage for memorable experiences and lasting friendships within the Boreas community.

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We ‘Il make sure everybody knows Boreas

The PromoCie promotes Boreas to Eindhoven students by organizing two introductory weekends annually and spreading awareness of activities to non-members. They also manage merchandise creation, with artistic freedom. Introductory weekends are popular, featuring engaging activities and sailing. Promotion involves designing flyers and posters. If you’re creative or enjoy organizing big events for non-members, the PromoCie is perfect for you.


We ‘Il teach you how to sail

The OpCie, responsible for enhancing sailing skills, organizes Training Weekends, theory courses, and evenings. These events, held 2-3 times annually, offer members opportunities to improve sailing abilities. The February theory course, open to all, covers sailing fundamentals and includes supplementary lessons. Theory evenings cover topics like race theory, providing valuable learning experiences for members. Joining the OpCie is ideal for those passionate about elevating sailing expertise within Boreas.

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