Boreas’ race team consists of enthusiastic members who seek more than what standard weekends offer. They compete in student races and championships such as NSKs (Dutch Student Championships), Nestor Trophies, and special association races. What sets these “Boreanen” apart from others is not just their extra drive and motivation to get the most out of their sailboat in any weather. This is also the only criterion for the team. Extensive experience is not mandatory, and members of all skill levels can participate. 
If you are intrested in participaing in sailing competitions you can send an email to Tessa de Visscher

The sailing team

Sem Bonten

Sander de Jong

Tessa de Visscher

Iza Kraneveld

Jard van Roest

Jippe Mietus

Own Races

Numerous associations host their own sailing races, and Boreas is no different. Our esteemed “old guard” proudly presents the Boreas Open Boat Race, affectionately known as the Bob Race. This event offers all Boreanen the chance to engage in competitive sailing. Additionally, other associations arrange their own races, such as the Café Race organized by Loefbijters. While the Bob Race is primarily for Boreanen, certain races, like the Café Race organized by Loefbijters, are open to broader participation.

Nestor Trophy

Dutch student sailing associations collectively form the Nestor. The Nestor functions as an umbrella organization specifically for us and our sister associations. A Nestor Trophy is hence a fantastic race organized by the Nestor. Apart from the Nestor Trophies, the Nestor also hosts an annual gala and endeavors to foster closer ties among associations. Consequently, the Nestor Trophies serve as excellent opportunities to acquaint oneself with members of sister associations!

NSK Sailing

An NSK, also known as a Dutch Student Championship, is an annual competition organized for students. There are several forms of NSKs, including fleet racing, match racing, and team racing.
• Fleet racing is an accessible form of racing where many boats race against each other simultaneously. It’s usually chaotic and a spectacle to witness.
• Match racing is a more structured competition between two boats, requiring different tactics than other forms of racing.
• Team racing is a competition sailed with 3 or 4 boats per team. Like match racing, this form is more structured than fleet racing. However, the tactics are very different because larger teams must work together.

E.S.Z.V Boreas

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