Boreas Introduction Weekend (Spring 2018)

Always wanted to give sailing a try? Join our Introduction Weekend and get a taste of sailing with Boreas! This is a great weekend filled with fun, lots of wind and sun, partying and of course sailing! We will depart from our second home in Friesland called Akkrum, where we will sail towards another Frisian town. Boreas will arrange all the boats, crew-members, food and drinks and a place to sleep.

The weekend is a great way to meet new students and experience the real student life! Landlubber or experienced sailor? Everyone is welcome! If it is your first weekend, you can join us for just € 35! This includes all food and accommodation during the weekend!

Subscription is closed.

Date: 1–3 June 2018
Location: Akkrum, Friesland
Costs: €35 if it’s your first time, €47 for members, €57 for former members

After Exams Pancake Lunch and Social Drink on 20 April


Are your exam stress levels rising already? Fear not, because on the last day of the exams, Boreas will organise its famous After Exams Drink during which you can chill and un-stress with your fellow Boreans. This edition, we’ll combine the drink with a delightful pancake lunch! Interested to come? Drop one of the board members a message, so that we can stock enough beer and snacks!

Date: Friday 20 April
Time: from 12:30
Location: De Werf


Logo_nestor_rechthoek_PNGSinds deze maand is er een gezamenlijke Nestoragenda (Google agenda). Hierin staan activiteiten van andere studentenzeilverenigingen in Nederland die ook voor ons toegankelijk zijn! Superchill dus. Voeg ‘m toe aan je eigen agenda!

As of this month, the alliance of Dutch student sailing association has created a collective Google calendar. In this calendar, you can find sailing activities that are accessible for us as well! How cool is that? Add it to you own calendar!

Boreas sailing theory course – open for all students!

Sailing theoryIn the third quartile of this academic year, the annual theory course of Boreas will take place. In this course we will be teaching all from the very basics of sailing to the captain’s sacred tenets in five evenings.

In the end we will finish with an official Boreas theory exam, the first step towards being captain!

Subscribe here

Dates: 20 Feb, 22 Feb, 27 Feb, 1 Mar and 6 Mar (evenings)
Location: Zwarte Doos, campus TU/e
Costs: free for Boreas members, €7,50 for others

Bikkelweekend 2018

I'm on a boat!Imagine it being early spring. It’s still cold from the winter, as March has only barely arrived. Then imagine us sailing at exactly that moment, completely ignoring all conventions. No cold showers, but new starts. A start of the sailing season, to be exact. Gather your courage, gather your warm socks. Regardless, Boreas will sail on, this spring being no exception! Sign up here!

Date: 9–11 March 2018
Location: Akkrum, Friesland
Costs: €47 for members, €57 for former members

Lustrum gala

The 23rd of March 2018 there will be a Boreas Gala! Guys, get your pens, write a letter to the prettiest / nicest / best date and go for it! Girls, get ready to bake some cake, or just buy cookies in the store depending on the guy that asks you to join him on this evening. We would like to see as much (old-, new-, half-, ‘special’-) members and plus ones at this evening. There should be enough chances for you to talk about sailing, boreas, studying and everything else you can come up with. Ask for instance someone’s idea about when the J24 will finally hit the water or when the next BakBoord will come out. Further information: the gala will be held in Eindhoven, there is room for talking as well as dancing and a photobooth. There will also be the option to dine with fellow Boreans beforehand. P.S.: Even without a date you’re still welcome.

Subscribe here.

Date: Friday 23 March
Time: 18:00 (dinner)
Location: Barney’s, Eindhoven (Stationsplein)
Costs: €35 for members, €50 for former members (excl. service costs); reduced price tickets available for gala-only (no dinner)

Boreas Christmas Dinner

christmas-day-dinnerIn the last lecture week before the Christmas break, the annual Christmas dinner is organised by Borean members for Borean (ex)members. Let us know if you can join!

You can subscribe here before 16 December:

Date: Wednesday 20 December
Time: 18:00
Location: the chairman’s crib
Costs: at most €18 including drinks

St Mossel 2017

Lieve Boreanen,

Aan het einde van dit lange jaar
Vol met tegenwind en vol ge-vaar
Is de tijd dan nu echt hier
De man die mosselen brengt, en veel plezier
Komt binnenkort weer in het land
De kaasfondue reeds in zijn hand
Na al dat werken en studeren
Voelt Sint Mossel als een zak veren
Zacht, vriendelijk en fijn
Dat wil Sint Mossel voor jou zijn
Daarom brengt hij geschenken mee
Voor op land, maar ook op zee

Mosselen, niet te vergeten
Zijn zeedieren, goed te eten
In zoet water slecht te vinden
Maar in menig winkel af te pinnen
In brak water bereid
Smaken doen ze geheid
Mocht je geen mossel uit willen likken
Kun je altijd nog kaasfondue slikken
Stokbrood en salade staan vast ook wel klaar
Maar geen pijp, sigaret of sigaar

Sint Mossel hoopt u allen te ontmoeten
En u op de 29e van november te groeten
Mocht u willen komen, vergeet dan niet
Twee geschenken liggen voor je in ‘t verschiet
Verzaak echter niet het meenemen van twee cadeau’s
Dan wordt Sint Mossel waarschijnlijk boos
Hij is namelijk een voorstander van delen
Dat lukt alleen samen, dus komt met velen!
Breng een cadeau van hoogstens €5 mee
En een ding dat je ergens vond, dat stemt Sint Mossel tevree
Belangrijk te vermelden, Sint Mossel houdt van dichten
Dus maak ook een gedicht, dan zal hij daarvoor zwichten

Samengevat verwacht Sint Mossel dus
Dat ieder een gedicht schrijft, in de bus,
de trein of gewoon thuis
of desnoods voor de buis
Dan komt het vast helemaal goed
Sint Mossel is vol goede moed
Echter is er nog wel een zaak
De hoeveelheid mosselen, daarin vergist Sint Mossel zich vaak
Schrijf je dus op tijd in voor dit magisch gebeuren
Voordat Sint Mossel begint te zeuren!

Dit gedicht is nu gestrand
Je mag trouwens iemand meenemen, een verwant,
of een vriend(in), introducé heet dat
Want mosselen, die heeft Sint Mossel zat!

Met vele lieve groetjes,

Sint Mossel


Dear Boreans,

On the evening of the 29th of November, Boreas will celebrate Saint Mussels. Saint Mussels is Boreas’ take on the Dutch tradition Sinterklaas. The evening will start at around 18:00 with a dinner of mussels or cheese fondue (location t.b.a.). After that, everyone will, in turn, randomly take two presents and a poem.

To make this possible, everyone attending should bring two presents, and write a poem to go along with it. One present should be bought with at most €5, another present shouldn’t cost anything (so maybe something that you have lying around). The presents should be suitable for anyone.

If you’re not sure about your rhyming skills, anything else that’s slightly original will do!

You can sign up for Saint Mussels by clicking here.

One last thing: if you want, you can bring a guest. If you plan on bringing someone, please let us know in the form.

See you on the 29th!

Date: Wednesday 29 November
Time: 18:00
Location: T.B.A.

After Exams Drink on 10 November

(Or you can just combine studying and drinking)

(Or you can just combine studying and drinking)

Are your exam stress levels rising already? Fear not, because on the last day of the exams, Boreas will organise its famous After Exams Drink during which you can chill and un-stress with your fellow Boreans. Interested to come? Drop one of the board members a message, so that we can stock enough beer and snacks!

Date: Friday 10 November
Time: ~15:00
Location: De Werf

Constitution reception 30th board of E.S.Z.V. Boreas

8d1e5631-ead1-4b04-a463-076e1af86a6bOn 27 September, the 30th board of E.S.Z.V. Boreas ‘In goed gezeilschap’ was constituted as follows:
Chairman: Thijs Meeuwisse
Secretary: Tobias Sytsma
Treasurer: Laurence Keijzer

To celebrate, we invite you to our constitution reception on Wednesday 15 November in Café De Kram, starting from 20:00.

We hope to see you then!

Date: Wednesday 15 November
Time: 20:00
Location: Café De Kram, Stratumseind 42